"I don't trust books. They're all fact, no heart." says Stephen Colbert. Now, while this may be true, Stephen had a lot of authors on his show who have written books that I want to read. So I've tracked them here!

I am also tracking the guests and books on his new show - check out my Late Show with Stephen Colbert Book List site!

And if you like the guests on the Colbert Report, chances are, you might like guests on The Daily Show (previously with Jon Stewart and now with Trevor Noah) and the books they have written!

Important! I am not affiliated with The Colbert Report in any way. I am just a fan who loves to read and gets a lot of great ideas from the guests on the show. Also, the book and movie links generally go to Powell's Books or Amazon where you can purchase the book. These are affiliate links and if you buy the book, I do get a small commission.

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08 January 2012